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Take a look at this webiste for ideas for writing competitions. The Pulse website particularly targets young people and people of other cultures, but some competitions it lists are for adults.

A writing competition that is now on is run by the Takehe Collective Trust. Take a look at the Competition for 2014 for details.

Authors from all around the world are welcome to enter the Atlantis Short Story competition. As well as cash prizes it offers a critique for every participating story!
But be quick because the competition closes November 1st. Entries are submitted online.

What this website is about

This website is a showcase of the writing of author Heather Sylvawood.
It has links to all her current published works as well as resources she has found useful in her writing career. Contact details and other Blogs are listed below.

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 Recommended Blogs

I (Heather Sylvawood) write several blogs, so please check them out and follow the ones of greatest interest.

Real Estate Rollercoaster - blog about our adventures in investment property and running a holiday/vacation home.

Sylvawood Under the Stars - a blog about my adventures as an "Eco-Warrior" and what I learn along the way about my effect on the world and global warming.
I do believe in thinking globally and acting locally.

Sylvawood Words - blog about anything and everything, but it really the place where the genisis of ideas for new fiction and non-fiction is likely to arise. I am also trying out Tumblr as a platform for blogging. Let you know what I feel about it in other pages.

Through These Eyes - the place where I get over my writer cringe and put really short pieces of writing into the public arena.

One of the most inspiring blogs I have come across is written by Ollin Morales. His blog "Courage 2 Create" is like "The Secret" for writers. He uses his blog to share his own challenges of writing but stops along the way to share and support others. Highly recommended!


Me ... Me ... Me

I'm Heather Sylvawood
I like to think of myself as an emerging writer because I have been writing non-fiction as an instructional designer for a couple of decades.

Now I am ready to turn my attention again to my fictional writing and share some of that with the world. Late Bloomer or is that an early Boomer?

This website is basically to advance that work and give you an opportunity to buy it, but as my experience of universal energy is such that I know without a doubt that shared energy is the greatest creative force I am inviting those who want to share the journey, to make themselves known by contacting me with their ideas and suggestions.

Contact details:
Mail: 7 Kowhatu Grove, Pohara, RD1, Takaka 7183, Tasman, New Zealand.
Click here to view Heather's Amazon Author Page