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Adult Fiction


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Searing Heat - A New Zealand High Country Tale

Searing Heat is a tale about New Zealand High Countrry living. Baxter is caught out mustering sheep in a wildfire. Can the station folk rescue him in time? What part will Tui and Soft Billy play in the rescue and will i9t all happen before the Southerly Buster arrive with rain to swell the river? A quick read on your Kindle.

Based on my experiences living on a New Zealand sheep station in the mid-late 60s, the tale illustrates how when the going gets tough the tough get going; how neighbour helps neighbour; and that the tough exterior has nothing to do with the feelings of comradeship in high country life.


Children's Fiction


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Marigold Brightbutton's Birth Day

The chaos that occurs on the day Marigold is born is eventful to say the least. But un-for-tunately for the Brightbuttons, they are about to bring into the family a "chip off the old block". Mr Brightbutton, in his attempts to care for his pregnant wife, only manages to lurch ffrom one catasrophe to the next. It is the harbinger of what will continue to happen to the Brightbuttons as Marigold grows up.

These read aloud stories are designed for discussion around the Golden Rules that Marigold and her father keep ignoring. The reader will find themselves addressing the listeners and building up the suspense as the inevitable catastrophe approaches.

Available as an illustrated Kindle eBook on Amazon.

$1.99US on Amazon Kindle

Marigold Brightbutton Goes to School

This book starts a new chapter in the Brightbutton's lives. Mrs Brightbutton in particular can't wait for Marigold to get to school and learn some sense. Un-for-tunately, Marigold is about to unleash her fiddle-fingers ways on the teacher, unsuspecting Mr Fluke. Within a morning she has turned the once peaceful classroom into chaos.

The hero of the day is Mr Crockett the principal, who is very good at dealing with a crisis ... and Marigold is likely to go on giving him many of those as she moves through school.

Available as an illustrated Kindle eBook on Amazon.


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