Was a bit conflicted about where to place The Sisterhood by Helen Bryan. It does have a romance or two but they are also rans in a fascinating historical story.



The Sisterhood By Helen Bryan. A story of many layers surrounding significant religious artefacts and one yound woman's quest to uncover the truth behind the relices of a written account that has been placed in her hands. The story takes us through historic accounts of life and conflicts in Spain and South America as seen through the eyes of some stronf women characters, and then back to modern day Spain and a special Convent and Order of Nuns.








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The Road From Midnight by New Zealand author Wendyl Nissen, available on Amazon Kindle and in hardcopy from: Wendyl's Green Goddess website (scroll down to see left column). It's described as a Chick Lit novel with a thriller twist. Finding some of the characters a bit unbelieveable, but then I'm a long way from the 'Chick' category. Perhaps people are that shallow? In fact the character I love best is the unflappable friend, Daisy.

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Paris was the Place by Susan Conley. I'd give it five stars. Loved the characterisation - totally believeable. Even though time zone is placed 20-30 years ago, Paris comes alive under her delft writer's touch - I wandered the streets and underground with her.



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